The ABCs of the Tradition Calabrian Tamburello – Digital version (ebook/Pdf)


Author: Massimo Cusato

Publisher: Parola since 1972

Year: 2020

Genre: Educational-Cultural music manual

Length: 100 pagine

Language: English

Format: Electronic (PDF)

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“The ABCs of the Traditional Calabrian Tamburello” is the first didactic manual on the tamburello that transports the reader into the history and culture of this extraordinary instrument.
The book, recalling the ancient method of oral transmission, proposes a gradual learning path that guides both the student and music lover towards the knowledge and practice of style and technique of the tamburello.

"The ABCs of Traditional Calabrian Tamburello" is not a just a didactic book for the professional musician but an ancestral journey through time, rhythm and Calabrian culture for the music and history enthusiast; containing photographs and drawings that illustrate traditional festivals and instruments.
Maps throughout the book help guide the reader, from Pollino to the Aspromonte, deep within the roots of tradition.
In addition, 50 captioned photos depicting proper hand and body positioning, accompanied with written scores, help the reader to learn the basics of playing tamburello in the Calabrian style one step at a time.

The ABCs of Traditional Calabrian TamburelloA visually stunning reading experience that can be enjoyed by all!


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